Why is my root motion not working?


I’m trying to set up a dash animation to play on my character with root motion enabled and for some bizarre reason it simply refuses to work at all, I followed the documentation word for word and no matter what i do or any number of tutorials i follow root motion simply does not work.

the animation isn’t an issue either as i know that is working correctly with the animation montage as well. Please if anybody out there has any idea of how to make this work with the third person blueprint explain this to me. I just cant see where I’m going wrong

[btw everything I’m using looks identical to the documentation, I’m sorta new to UE4 after migrating from UE3 so things may need explaining in some detail]

-thank you-

as it turns out my animation was fine but root motion can only be activated through the use of montages and a small cast to character setup in the animation blueprint event graph as demonstrated here in this video tutorial:

for anybody else struggling with this :)