Why is my Rigged model exploding like this?

I’ve been trying to fix this for literally 10 hours trying method after method after method that I found online to try to fix this and despite all my efforts my model still explodes instead of sitting the way that it does in the moddeling program and I just don’t understand please help i’m desperate

not really my area of expertise but it could be a difference in bone orientation between the modeling software and UE4. some programs use different coordinate systems for armatures, for example if you try to import the mannequin into blender the bones will often be at 90 degrees from where they should be.

what modeling software are you using?

i’m using Blender to unreal with the fbx format. sorry I should have included more details but I was half awake and frusterated lol. how would I fix bone orientation?

Ok so now that I’m awake and refreshed I was able to do some fiddeling around and testing and figured out that it wasn’t the characters model that was exploding, but the bones from the skeleton that it was parented to the Skeleton I made that was the issue. so now I think the issue that I need to solve is properly attaching the meshes to the bones of the skeleton. now that I know the issue this should be resolved pretty quick. do I have to mark this post as resolved somehow if I do manage to fix it?