Why is my projectile only colliding when player is moving?

Hello UE4 community,

So I created some projectiles that fire at my character that should collide. There is one problem I am having, projectile collides if character is moving or result of a getting if there character is pushed by projectile collision still occurs. That part is good. However, if my character is motionless, projectiles pass through my character as if there is no collision. I thought maybe there was a problem with collision set to collide only with dynamic objects but that doesn’t seem to be case. Does anyone have any idea of what I am missing? Is there a setting that needs to be enabled or disabled in order for my projectile to collide when my character is motionless.

Any help is appreciated.


Hey unrealguy,

reason your character reacts at all is because while it is moving it is affecting physics objects it interacts with. This is not true while character is standing still, because it is not putting any sort of force on physics objects.

Your character’s Capsule component is likely set to Pawn, which ignores physics collision by default. To adjust this, select Custom for capsule’s Collision Preset and expand section. Set Collision Enabled and make any adjustments to what should be ignored, overlapped, or blocked (most likely you want your Projectiles set to Overlap, but that’s going to depend on how you have your projectile set up).

Assuming your projectile is a physics object, when your projectile hits character while character is standing still it should react as intended.

Hope that helps!

Hi ,

That got it working and thanks for explanation about character not applying force.

To bump this, I’ve encountered same problem on my pawns, but with a vehicle. I’ve set collision on CapsuleComponent to Set Collision Enabled, but my vehicle just “pushes” pawns away. Only if they run directly at vehicle will the “ReceiveHit” trigger.

Hey ,

Have you set collision for both vehicle pawn and other pawns to Set Collision Enabled?

This just helped me figure out why I could walk through an open door but couldn’t shoot through it. I had a trigger volume (BoxComponent) and had left collision preset at OverlapAllDynamic I needed to change it to Trigger.