Why is my project missing starter assets?

At about 1:20 in the video it shows all the different assets. I am under the impression that this comes stock with unreal engine 4.

My assets only show blueprints, materials, meshes, and textures. Less than half of what I see in the video. I tried searching around for the tools, but I think I’m getting UE3 and UE4 confused or something.

It also making tutorials difficult as I am missing some of these items. One of the tutorials said that this may happen, but the video was posted Mar 19th.

I downloaded it yesterday. Am I missing a tool pack or something here? Getting a little confused. Not to worried about it as I’ve been able to learn the tutorials for the most part missing some of the features, but it would be nice to make sure I’m not missing anything.

When you create a new project make sure you fill the tick box that says Include starter content.

Thank you for the help. It works perfectly now.

I think just diving into the tutorials from Epic kind of confused me. He said he was going to leave that part unchecked. Wasn’t sure what it did so I went with it.