Why is my player not moving?


I set up a Realtime Strategy Player and a Realtime Strateg Gamemode.
Here are some screenshots of my setup:


However, The character does not move one bit. Any idea why that is?

Lukas Wagner

What was your base class when creating the blueprint for your RTSPlayer?

Hello again,

a full day I was rebuilding and rebuilding over again, now I finally got a solution to the problem.
I found it here https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/63225/custom-pawn-doesnt-move.html.
I think the little “Target is Pawn” on Add Movement Input is a bit irritating, because the target actually is character, which (at least that’s my understanding) derives from Pawn.

Lukas Wagner

It is Pawn. I deliberately chose this because I don’t want the player to react physically with his environment.