Why is my player immortal while standing still?

I’m making a FPS (UE5) and I’ve discovered that when standing still, bullets are going straight through my character and do not trigger any hit event.

To clarify, the player pawn is the BP_FirstPersonCharacter from the FPS template (with the standard capsule collider). The things being fired at it are custom projectiles composed of a sphere collider with the collision preset of projectile and a projectile component. It is set to fire the projectile at a initial speed of 5000 and the damage function is linked to the event hit of the collider of the projectile.

If at least it were never triggered, I’d know it’s the collider that is not working properly, but the thing is that it’s actually able to hit (and damage) the player only if it’s moving.

Please help

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Found the issue here after some digging!

Simulate physics is off on the capsule collision of the BP_FirstPersonCharacter, and if turned on it conflicts with the movement.

A solution is proposed in that other post but it makes it so the player is sometimes pushed by the projectiles, which is not ideal.