Why is my player 1 not joining into player 2 session?

So basically i have a join and create session blueprint script. For some reason when i get player 1 to click play it joins the session and creates it for other players to join. When player 2 presses play it will run the code of join session but will always go into its own session and not player 1’s session? Im really stuck and would like to figure out why?

I have done the online subsystem like so:


I don’t know but there are two things to fix first:

  1. You’re looping over all the found sessions and trying to join ALL of them. You should probably only join one (use foreachloop with break maybe).
  2. After that loop is done, I see you trying to Create ANOTHER session right after you joined one already. I’m not sure but I think that you can’t be in two different sessions at once and I think maybe you can’t stay in a session you joined if the joining client creates yet another one and thereby becomes the host of its own thing instead of being in the world of the host it joined previously.

Player 1 just has to create session and Player 2 just has to join session. Doing both for both players isn’t going to work

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

If this works for you, please accept the answer :slight_smile: If there are still problems, can you add more detail as to what isn’t working and how your blueprints are setup?