Why is my physics constraint doing this?

Yesterday i made a bp that had a rotating wheel attached to the root of the bp. It worked fine. But today i opened the editor, nothing has changed inside the bp, but the ■■■■ wheel is now going to the 0,0,0 coordinates of the world. Why. I dont understand what is going on, yesterday it worked fine, today it doesnt but most importantly, why is it moving it to 0,0,0?!?!?!?

Let me add a small bit of extra info, im not sure if i can edit the question to add it so i’ll just add it as a comment:

I just created a new bp with the exact same contents and it works. I dont know why this might happen but some times i’ve had this before where a bp just breaks because why not and you have to copy everything into a new one or just duplicate it and it will magically work again. The problem is that now if i attach the actor that has the physics constraint to another actor, the constrained wheel will just fall to the ground. WHY?