Why is my NPC inheriting sounds from my Player Character?

Hi. I’m a sound designer and currently I have 2 character blueprints in my level. One is the player character, the other is the NPC. Both of them share the same skeleton asset as well as the same animation BP. I’ve went through a a bunch of animations and made many notifiers for sounds to play. In my animation BP, I’ve defined these notifiers to be callable in my player character BP via an interface. The sounds that I want played are all defined inside of the player character blueprint. Everything seems to be working fine, until I place the NPC in the level. It looks as though the NPC has inherited all the same sounds as the player character. What I’d like to be able to do is use the same notifiers, but attach different sounds to the NPC and to not have it play the same sounds. How would I go about this? Thanks.

Can you take a screenshot of the Animation BP, as well as both the player character and the npc Class Settings tab? One thing I would like to rule out is an issue with inheritance.

Hi. Thanks for offering to help. I figured it out. I was previously using skeletal notifiers in my animations to define when I wanted a sounds to play. I ended up deleting those and replacing them with anim notify BPs. I stumbled upon this by reading another answer hub post: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/58497/view.html. I’m still not entirely sure why this worked out and the skeletal notifiers didn’t, but happy that I’m not stuck anymore.