Why is my mesh misaligning during motion warp?

Ive been trying out motion warp for vaulting and followed a tutorial through. Worked well but Im having an issue where the mesh for my legs separates during the animation. Everything else in the mesh group seems to align itself with the animation just fine except the legs, which just, walk over as you can see in the gif.

I am using the UE5 mannequin but a custom metahuman mesh, which hasnt been an issue till now. I havent had an issue with the mesh separating as long as I had the correct anim classes set.

Thankyou in advance for any tips you may be able to provide and please let me know what additional information is needed like blueprint or animation montage screenshots. Im not even too sure what to look up to solve this issue, im way too new to this haha.

Edit: Further testing this morning with a new animation still nets the same result, so Im fairly confident it doesnt have to do with the animation or animation montage itself, unless ive missed a setting along the way.