Why is my mesh Flying in an incorrect direction and my pause button unable to unpause?

Hello! I’ve got two issues for now:

I’m trying to make a simple blueprints:

  • When I approach at a mesh, i press E and then this object has to fly slowly into players direction (into players “eyes”), and then it has to dissapered.

I have set up this simple BP and it work, but for some, unknown for me reason the mesh flies in the same direction always (not the player himself). I can adjust that for rotating the BP in viewport, but… that’s not the way I want to solve it.

  • I’ve a simple Pause/Unpause BP. It just pauses the game, when I try to unpause it nothing happend. Here’s the thing:

 Well, I know I'm missing something simple here and I'm asking You for guiaidance. Will appreciate it. ;)

I’m having the same unpause problem. Apparently there is a checkbox under Details/Input that says enable input when paused, but I don’t see it in my level for some reason.

OK, crud, I had the wrong node selected. Duh. Sorry.

So, if you have the input key node selected, you can then see the “Execute when Paused” checkbox. Just have to check that.