Why is my Matinee Spinning very jerky?

Movie spins between keyframes. Please help. Using Quat Interpolation is not an answer it makes the movie jerky. I haven’t have the issue before and now I’m getting it in 4.3.1. I have done over 100 videos. First time it’s doing it this bad. Please help.

Can you post a screenshot of your camera’s trajectory in the level please? You’ll probably need to re-adjust certain keyframes where rotations are too steep.

My curve looks normal. I tweak the frames before and after and still.
It’s a small rotation to the right instead it’s a full turn 270 to the left.

Added movie of it.

This is what final version looks like.

Well all i can suggest is to select those keyframe points on the trajectory and tweak the path until it gets fixed. :\

I’ve been just smashing in a bunch of keyframes and adjusting them manually for that one turn. I’ve deleted the entire track twice. What was one hour of work is pressing into three. Never had the issue. Thanks.

Howdy ChristopherPC64,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Would you be able to provide your DXdiag and your log files for your project that this issue is occurring on? Also, Are all of your 4.3.1 projects have this same issue?

We have just release version 4.4 of UE4. Have you had a chance to test the issue on that build (If you do be sure to test this issue with a copy of the project and do not convert in place for the time being)?

If you have any additional information on how I could test this, It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sean, I didn’t have the issue with 4.3.0. I did however have the issue with 4.3.1. I already converted the project in place. I’m building another house for another home builder and I’ll be doing another matinee movie. I understand how the matinee locks the viewing angle according to the keyframe. Even with manually adjusting the curves. I’m still getting the issue. I’ll attach my dxdiag and log files. link text

Note: .log files are not able to be uploaded. I changed the extension to txt

I clone the next project and see or start over. If you could please follow this post and I will comment back to you.


I will be sure to follow this issue. Be sure to let me know if the issue is still apparent in the 4.4 release.


Hey Christopher,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if you have had the chance to update your project to the 4,4 release?


Ya I’m still getting the same issue. A quick resolve was to add a camera at the last keyframe and cut to with the director. I’m about to do 20 more flythrough this next week. I’m sure I can pin point the issue by the end. Thanks for checking back.

Hey Sean,

I figured it out. If I interject a small section in an already finished movie as an after thought, and have a turn. Then as the movie plays it then compiles the turn to other turns. Then just spins at one point even on a straight path like a coil wanting to unwrap.
Even if I adjust each keyframe it still does it. It may do it later in the movie but it will happen at some point.

I am a bit unsure as if this would be an incorrect functionality. Have you found a current workaround that would solve the issue? Would you feel comfortable in closing out the issue since you have found the error?

I am just wanting to know if this is a bug or something that may of been placed in wrongly in the Matinee.


There is a lot it could be. I’ll close out the issue. Is there a way I can contact you if I have the issue persist or I nail down the issue even further. I still have more movies to make. So I’m sure I will nail it down.

I am available in the UE4 forums here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?4890-Sean-Gribbin. You could send me a private message, that way if the issue still occurs, I can reopen this issue.

Thanks and have a great day!