Why is my Material Black ?

EDIT : Changing preview weight to 0.5 for all layers Fixed it.

Here’s the Pic for the Blueprint, The 3 Layers blend types are set to LB Height Blend yet the texture shows up Black

Sans titre.png

Little help please, Thanks.

Maybe this video will help:

You will apply your material to the landscape and it will be black too. However, when you paint on the terrain, it will change color/texture as far as I know.

Hope it helps :).

Thanks alot, This tut was what i needed :slight_smile:

So i went ahead and did what this guy said and ended up with exactly what i did, and got the Material black, still stuck :frowning:
EDIT : Turns out the preview weight was set to 0, I changed that to 0.5 and they showed up, Solved finally :eek:

Is there any other way to solve this? I literally have the exact same problem. I followed the tutorial and when I go to apply it to the landscape, the landscape turns completely black…

I have the same thing, followed the video to the letter, the terrain surface turns black, I tried a different guide that was slightly different and the same result, anyone have an up to date guide please ?

I created a video a while back. This is the method I use and I have no problems.

Again I have it all black, so now i wonder if it’s the source images, i’m using the starter content to learn, using T_Ground_Grass_D and T_Ground_Gravel_D
Is that the reason for it failing ? I notice in the link by bigboy2k that the files start with M_ so are they materials ? If i try and use the starter material they won’t drag/drop but the textures do.

@Richie What you see at the beginning of my video are just textures and not materials yet. You will see as the video goes on that I create a landscape material out of those textures that I have. I recommend you find two textures that you want to practice with. Go on Google Images and search for tileable grass and rock textures and download a high resolution version for each one. Then, for the sake of just creating a landscape material, just import the two downloaded textures from Google Images and start the tutorial I did. Trust me, if you follow the video, you will get a working landscape material that will not be solid black. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Bigboy2k, many thanks for the help, I finally got it working by using other textures, for some reason the grass in the starter pack hates me, others are fine.
One last thing, when you placed a player start you could then run round as the default guy, when i do that it’s still a free cam, can i ask how i get the default guy ?

All I did was use the First Person template. So if you are using that template, then by default when you place a player start into any level you have made it will be using that first person character when you spawn into the level. Also, if you go into your world settings you will see a Game Mode section. If you click on GameMode Overrride you can see other gameplay types that you can use. If a First Person gamemode is available, you will see it there. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Many thanks, I’m not new to terrains for other games, I just need to master the basics of UE4, thanks for your replies :slight_smile: