Why is my marquis box only select things i drag in one direction and not reverse?

so ive created a simple marquis box that uses the press and release of left mouse button, it is aklso drawn in real time with event tick. yet i encountered a problem, it seems to only select things if i drag in the one direction, and not if i do it in the reverse, anyone have any ideas what is happeneing

You probably want to get the length between the vectors and then do the math on that first, because the way you are breaking it open means you can have some negative floats in there.

In one direction you could be adding a positive to a positive such as 2+8=10. In the other direction you might be adding a positive to a negative which is canceling itself out such as 2+(-4)=-2. As you can see, both of those outcomes have the same vector length, but different outcomes when you perform math on them without figuring out the length first.