Why is my Line Trace flickering when I move?

I made a blueprint so that a Line Trace starts from the camera to a crosshair that is located in the middle of the screen. The issue is that whenever the character is rotating(while moving), the Line Trace flickers, then if the character is just running in one direction, the Line Trace doesn’t flicker. I made another BP to have a Zoom when I press right-click, and the Line Trace doesn’t flicker when zooming, because the character’s angle stays the same, he’s not rotating.
I’m using UE4.9.2, on a Blueprint>Third Person project, basic stuff.

Here’s a screenshot and a gif for troubleshooting.

The flickering.

The Line Trace blueprint.


Hello, Zaedyn,

Instead of using the Follow Camera component, try getting the “Player Camera Manager” and from it get its camera location and forward vector. Do your trace from those.

There seems to be something in the setup of the third person camera that is affecting the orientation of traces from it. Maybe some spring component or something like that.

Look at this thread: Solving Line Trace Jitter - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums

All the best.

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Thank you so much, it works perfectly now :slight_smile: