Why is my level editor constantly crashing?

So I’m modelling a house in editor, and I’d say 1/10 times when I move an object around, and then immediately WASD around it to see how it looks, editor crashes. It seems to especially happen if I immediately use W to move closer and have a look. Is this due to some graphical setting I should be turning off?

On bright side, I’ve gotten into habit of hitting CTRL+S every time I move something.

I’m using UE4.1

Windows 7 64bit

Geforce 770GTX

Intel i5-4580 3.20GHz quad

8GB of RAM

I derived from log, that crash was happening due to an array index out of bounds exception, related to rendering??

log is here:

Hi Rambojo,

Is this crash occurring only on one map where you are modeling your house? Or does it happen on any map as you move actors around?

I can’t be certain, but it seems like it only happens on my one particular map?

Hey Rambojo,

Can you let us know what your NVidia driver version is?

Staff edit: That’s NVidia 334.89 WHQL drivers

I’m having a very similar experience but I’m on OS X 10.9.2.

Which version of editor are you running and what is your Nvidia Driver version (from Nvidia Control Panel)?


4.2 and 4.2.1 (binary builds)

Not sure how to determine NVidia drivers in OS X, here’s what I see in system report:

Hey Rambowjo and piinecone:

Sorry that this issue fell through cracks somehow.

Rambowjo, are you still experiencing this crashing after updating to 4.2.1? If so, would you mind attaching a recent crash log?

Piinecone, it seems like this issue is likely related to other issues you were able to narrow down some in your other posts. If not, and this is unrelated, would you mind opening a new post for it?

For anyone interested, NVIDIA drivers are automatically updated on Mac. We can usually find what we need if you can give us Hardware Overview information. You can find this by going to Apple menu, About This Mac > More Info > System Report. Just copy that information (minus Serial Number and Hardware UUID) and let us see that. Thanks!