Why is my landscape not recognizing collision on my placed Static Meshes?

Hey Rouby,

Do your placed meshes have collision? In Static Mesh editor, press Collision button in Toolbar and you should be able to see a collision box. If you don’t, you can create one by going into Collision menu. You also want to make sure your mesh’s Collision settings in Details panel are set up to block World Static.


my landscape is not handling collisions from placed actors correct. It does handle collisions with spawned actors (fireball) and with characters, but not when I place simulated meshes in my scene.

Yes, I read in a previous question that someone had similar problems with landscapes and collisions. I couldnt extract answer because it was archived / I didnt understand it (language wise).

I think he recreated his landscape. Is there a way to copy over heightmap to a new landscape?

I created a blank landscape in another level where collisions worked with same meshes.

Does your landscape happen to be steep? There are some known issues with Landscapes and Collision, and steep parts of landscapes are particularly prone to bug. A lot of conversation regarding landscape collision bugs can be found here:

You can export a heightmap by right-clicking it in Sculpt > Target Layers and choosing Export to File. This will save it as a .raw file which you can then reimport onto another landscape. I’m not certain this will solve your problem, but it’s certainly worth a shot. Please let us know if it does.

I exported heightmap, deleted landscape and created a new based on heightmap and it did fix collisionproblems.

Although small objects can get pushed through landscape still (i have a spear-mesh and when I walk over it it just disapears).

LogNetPackageMap:Warning: UPackageMapClient::SupportsObject /Game/Maps/UEDPIE_3_DesertArena.DesertArena:PersistentLevel.Landscape_2.LandscapeHeightfieldCollisionComponent_22 NOT Supported.Not RF_WasLoaded. NetGUID: <0>

This logmessage gets spammed now?

Would you mind zipping and attaching your heightmap for me? I’d like to see if I can reproduce issue on my end. Thanks!

No problem:


Thanks. And what size landscape are you creating for this?

31x31 quads, 2x2 sections, 4x4 components, 249x249 resolution, 16 total components… I hope thats all you need.

Okay, so I created a new landscape using heightmap you provided, and did not encounter that log message. I spoke with one of our Landscape developers and was told that message “Not RF_WasLoaded” refers to fact that this component was just created, not loaded from disk, which is normal for a newly created landscape… so we’re not sure why that’s happening. Does this still occur in your level after saving and reloading?

Thanks for your continued efforts :slight_smile:

No this message does no longer popup. I dont exactly now if it was because I rebooted editor or something else…

I managed to solve the “small-object gets pushed through landscape collision”. I changed collision-type from PhysicsBody to WorldDynamic (if i recall correct).

Glad to help, and super glad you got your collision problem worked out. I’m going to mark that as answer to this post.