Why is my integer being set to 0

Hi, I am currently following through this tutorial series Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Gamepad UMG Control Pt. 2 - Page Menu - YouTube

I am running into an issue at about 19:15 in the video. There is an integer variable that is being called from a BP controller, and being set inside of a widget blueprint. The value for the integer is coming from an array of widgets. My problem that I cannot figure out, even after redoing the tutorial twice, is that once I set the integer value and try to print string the value, it only returns a 0.

Here is a screenshot from the video of the part i am having trouble with.

If I keep the nodes that are highlighted in red, and then try to print string the “page index” value, it only returns a 0. It does not print the correct index values that were given to the widgets. However, if I remove the nodes in red and just print string the integer value of “find”, I get the correct values. Does anyone have any idea why trying to set this value is returning a 0?

Mine Too, Doesn’t Work Because I Set The Int To A Number When I Press Fire, Then It Goes Back To 0 Every Frame, WTF

Actually, IT Doesnt Change At All, BRU! Im Referncing An Int From Widget To Enemy Bp To Check Gun Being Used And All I Get It 0s On The Bp While On The Widget Its Changed To The Number Of The Gun, Can’t Use The Switch Int Thing, Terrible, Truly Terrible

Variables do not change or reset on their own. You’re doing it - it’s just inexperience or you misinterpret the logic behind it.