Why is my input mapping only working for 1 actor at a time?

It always works for the actor, that was compiled last, in the other actor BP the events dont even trigger.

If you’re using multiple instances of the same BP for characters, you’ll need to establish which one the player controller should possess. Otherwise they all start with Player 0 and the last compiled one will likely get priority.

Is this for a character to move around or is it a different type of actor?

It’s because the actor is Consuming Input which is enabled by default. It can be disabled, of course:


In this case, the input from all actor instances will be processed by the Player Controller (providing the actor has priority and nothing else has consumed the input already).

This is not recommended, though as it’s can make debugging harder. Depends what setup you’er after.

I’d say in general you shouldn’t enable input in actors. There are other ways to make them do what you want, like Casting, referring to them in Level/Character blueprints, or using Interfaces, etc.

I figured it out! I just re-activated enable input everytime i needed it

I tried disabling the consume input, but for mine it still doesnt work, Any idea why?

It’s been 3 years. Do tell what is going on.

This is the rule of thumb. Unless you’re attempting something unorthodox.

i made a question on my page with a video

How do we get to your page. Any chance you can post it on the forums?