Why is my imported model really small?

Ok so I am working on a game project and Asset modeler sent me some assets today but they are really really small, about size of players big toe. He tried exporting them as .fbx 2014 and .fbx 2013 and nothing worked. I imported model and third person perspective character into blender and everything looked good, i’ve attached a picture of what it should look like in UE4, picture was taken in blender. Why is scaling wrong? he says

“System Units are set to meters, Display Units are set to meters, in FBX export window Scale Factor is set to convert units to meters.”

Thats normal with Blender… i usualy just scale my Objekts by 12 in Exportsection in blender… Hope that helps

So in 3ds max whjat would it be? do you know?

I worked with 3DS max before and there modells which where imported to Unrealengine (there it was UDK) where bigger but also like 10% too smal… I think you could fix this in Blender like its done in 3DsMax and just change your Sizes which are exported… i give you a link to a video where someone explains this for Blender

https://www…com/watch?v=JR7CAHxGBcY i think this will help

Found a shorter one ^^

Hey Chay Hawk,

UE4 uses Unreal Units, which translates as 1 UU == 1 cm. If your artist is using meters instead of centimeters, model will be scaled very small after importing it to your project.


how do you change it to cm