Why is my game trying to connect to the Internet?

Every time I stop my packaged game, it’s trying to connect to some URL. The last time it was But it keeps changing. I have to no code in my project, that connects to the Internet.
Does anyone know where this comes from?

Virus Alert!

I did a virus scan just a few days ago and found nothing. And my game is the only one doing this. And it would be a pretty crappy virus, that would trip my firewall like this. So I don’t think it’s a virus.

UE4 has a option (that is enabled by default) to send anonomys statistics back (Assumably to see where to focus future efforts.).


if you have a debug build and its crashing somehow it might be trying to send crash report , a quick lookup of that IP gives United States Virginia Ashburn ISP:Amazon Technologies Inc.

It can also be a plugin .

@ryan20fun Thanks for the info.
Of course there’s no such thing as ‘anonymous statistics’. Where can I turn it off?

Edit: Found it! It’s under ‘Project Settings/Engine/End-User Settings’.

There “is” if they only collect generic info(CPU, GPU, OS, RAM, Bottlenecks Etc. ) <- This is unlikely to be able to identify an individual, But potentially possible.