Why is my game not going back to windowed mode even if the command is used?

Ok, I have been working on my resolution settings for some time now and I finally got everything saving. The problem I am having now, which I don’t remember having before is that when I switch form windowed mode to fullscreen mode when I revert back to the windows mode it sets the resolution I want but it remains fullscreen. I have a very simple setup and right now and I can see it executing each resolution command when I want it too. My layout is much more complex than below but I started a new project with the simplified menu with buttons and simple blueprint. I have a button that switches windowed mode. I have also used “fullscreen” and “windowed” commands but it still stays in windowed mode. I believe it worked fine before so this is why I started a new project with the simple setup…

You’ll note that you needed to use the f suffix to make the window fullscreen, likewise you need to use the w suffix to make the window windowed again.

I lost brain cells trying to figure this one out…not sure how I missed it.
Thanks Jamie!