Why is my game crashing on 2 out of 10 PCs?

I am working on a project now for about 150 hours, everything is running fine on my machines and I tried it on different computers of friends with different GPUs.

First everything seemed to be fine.

It ran successfully on computers with the following GPUs:
AMD R9 290, AMD R9 290X, Nvidia RTX 3090, Nvidia RTX 3080, Intel Integrated Graphics, AMD RX 6900XT

Off course therefore I first thought everything is fine.

But then a friend tried it on a PC with an RTX 2080 Ti and another friend has an RTX 3070 and there it is crashing directly after executing the .exe file.

They just get the following error:

Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION writing address 0x00007ffd73d30918

0x00007ffd7317aef0 UnknownFunction ]
0x0000000000000019 UnknownFunction ]
0x000001cab0004f70 UnknownFunction ]
0x0000000000000030 UnknownFunction ]

Crash in runnable thread TaskGraphThreadNP 0

Of course, I cannot debug it directly because everything is running fine on my systems. But it is a big problem if it is not running on 20% of all PCs.

Any ideas what I could do to find out the reason why it is crashing on certain PCs?

I have no idea if it is the hardware or the software environment but every ,normal" game seems to run fine on these PCs.

The only thing I am doing with C++ is this:…212#post588212

But why should it not run on some PCs?

I’ve now sent these friends clean UE projects to check if they can run Unreal Engine 4 Projects at all.

One similarity of all crashing PCs is that they have Steam VR installed and I think they use a insider build of windows, but no VR headset is plugged in.

Encapsulate the C++ script and don’t run it. Try the build. Maybe this will narrow down the issue.

Interestingly it wasn’t the C++. These two computers simply cannot run any Unreal Engine 4 project if Ray-Tracing is enabled.

Both have the Windows 10 Pro insider Preview installed.
OS Build: 21343.1000
And the Game Ready Driver 465.89

If they install the Nvidia Studio Driver it seems to work again even though performance seems a bit poor. But as soon as they go back to the newest Game Ready Driver all Unreal Engine 4 games with Ray-Tracing enabled seem to crash again.

I for myself have no problem with the Game Ready Driver 465.89 but I have a different Windows build installed.