Why is my event tick not working after changing the widget?

So I’m new to unreal engine and I’m not sure if I did this right but I started all my work on my main menu off of the level blueprint rather than the widget blueprint due to me using 3d text renderers rather than widget text components in the main menu widget. It was good until I ran into this issue. Long story short, I created a multitude of buttons in my widget and made it have no text on the actual widget instead the text was in the scene(as seen in picture 1). So when clicking on the options button I set up I wanted to work on a feature where it would simply set the visibility of all the 3d texts that had to do with the main menu to false and set the visibility of all the 3d texts that had to do with the options menu to true. I set this code up using the event tick and used the following code below (seen in pic 2) This all worked and it worked when I then set up code to close this options widget and return back to the main menu widget using the E key(3rd pic) but when returning back to the main menu widget, I could not then press the options button thereafter. I was stuck on that screen and could not press any button except the quit button which I set up in the widget blueprint which is the reason why I think it has something to do with the event tick? Here are also some errors I get, not sure if they are any indication (4th pic). Any advice or help would be appreciated, Thank you so much!