Why is my engine crashing everytime I try to edit my project

Is there anything I can do? I think I may have forgotten to compile before simulating or something, and now my project won’t open at all anymore. This makes me very sad as I’ve worked hard on this project.

for starters press on the “Click here to view directory” and paste the log in there. It’s a start to see what went wrong…

ok, that would be the text document in there, right?link text

ok! Thank you, this at least got my project to open.
But when I try to switch to that map, it does still crash. How can I fix the construction script?

So if I understand correctly, you open unreal and it dies…

This ussually happend to me when I have some blueprint or code that makes breaks unreal, if it happens for you when trying to load a level, I think what you could do is try to open the proyect file in a notepad, find the property that contains your level name, and try to set another level, even if you set a wrong one you will see a message saying level not found, but at least unreal will open.

Then, I think you should do this:

  1. Check that your level doesn´t have any breaking code in the construction script.
  2. Check that your level doesn´t include a reference to an actor that inside their construction scripts it fails, or it contains an infinite loop.
  3. If nothing works, try to remove all actors from your level, and start from scratch checking which blueprint is causing the failure.

Hope it helps.