Why is my Custom Anim Notify not working

Is there any particular reason why my custom anim notify doesn’t work?

I made a notify so that my NPC could damage my player, but, inside the NPC’s blueprint (As well as the animation’s blueprint), I can’t seem to call the anim notify I made. In fact, it won’t even show up in the options when I try to make a node in the Event Graph.

Is this a normal thing?
Is there some step in making Anim Notifies that I’m skipping and not realizing it?

u need to create notifies on the animation itself, it will automatically show up in the bp.
if the animation is interrupted before hitting notifies, that notify won’t be called

So, I can’t create them in a montage? It has to be in the base animation? Will it automatically carry over into the montage I’ve already created?

creating them inside montages should work too,
if you have a notify on a animation, it will be fired regardless of the source (montage, anim state, etc) unless it is interrupted before the notify

Well, it didn’t seem to work until I made it in the base animation. Maybe it’s because of the version I’m using? But, either way, putting in the base animation got it to work. Thank you!

P.S.: Sorry it took so long for me to respond back, I was trying to get it to work, then making sure I wrote down how in case I forgot later, then trying to iron out some other bugs I was running into, so I got sidetracked.

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