Why is my controller input bugging out?

so I am making a cool little racing game and my vehicle controls are the exact same as the advanced vehicle blueprint. but there is a weird issue that just randomly happened recently and it is even happening on older versions when I try them. The player two car randomly starts to drive and turn to the left constently and I dont know why. no matter what buttons I press it does not change, no matter what controller I use it does not change and no matter what cable I use to connect it to my pc it always does the same thing. I feel like it is something wrong with unreal since it does hate me for some reason and kept freezing just from me compiling code and it decided to go wrong after that happened so maybe that is the culprit. but if anyone could help me that would be nice and I would be very grateful.

I’ve just unplugged the controller from my computer and pressed play and it still does its own thing and I dont know why

another weird thing is that it will be perfectly fine and still when I first start it up but the moment I hold the controller in my hands it starts to turn left and drive off the edge. I’m using an Xbox controller It does not have motion controls so I dont know what is causing this what so ever. I even reset the controllers settings in the controller preferences for windows and it did nothing so I don’t know what is going on.

so I switched the controller to player one and it does the exact same thing I am so confused what is causing this. it never did this before.

Hello Internal,

It sounds like you’re running into this issue:

Try opening your Project Settings → Input and deleting the “Generic USB” input mappings.

Thank you I will see if this works when I get back to working on it tomorrow