Why is my character moving through the door?

I tried placing a the door prop and running through it and it would not collide as expected. I have modified the collision settings to ‘BlockAll’, ‘BlockAllDynamic’ and ‘Custom’ with Pawn checked to block. I assume that this is caused by the way the character is being moved but I am most likely wrong.

Hi cam.st,

The Door static mesh you are using doesn’t have collision set by default. To do this:

  • Double click the asset in the Content Browser to open it in the Static Mesh Editor.

  • Click the Collision icon to toggle it orange. (If the door had collision it would now be visible.)

  • Click the Collision tab at the top and choose a collision. The Simplified Box collision will work just fine for this asset

I hope that helps…

Thanks, TJ

Thanks for that. Still getting used to everything about this.

When i messed it with this now the sm_door has no option under the transform parameter to change it to static/dynamic

Hi Jotajin,

A lot has changed in the editor since June 2014. In 4.10.2, it is now called Static and Moveable. It’s located under the Details panel when the static mesh is clicked on.

cant find static mesh editor

Double click on the door in the content browser