Why is my character floating off the ground in Persona?

Hi everyone I would like to know why on earth is my DAZ Genesis character floating off of the ground in Persona and when previewing the game? I exported my character from Reallusion 3dxchange 5 Pipeline in FBX format. That always goes okay but when I preview it in either the level or Persona the character is always floating off the ground. Even when I play my animations that I imported with it and even tried translating him into the ground in Persona it didn’t work. Any help on what’s the problem and advise on how to fix it would be vastly appreciated!

I have the same problem with models and animations exported from Blender 2.71.5 to Unreal Engine 4. And I have absolutely no idea why.

Just got my first character in game fully animated, and noticed it was slightly above the ground. Using Maya 2012, FBX 2012 or 2013 (either, doesn’t make a difference).

My character is also slightly above the ground -> but you should be abel to change that in the character bp (something with Z in the properties ^^)

Thanks Fighter :slight_smile:

Unfortunately changing the Z of the character in the Character’s Blueprint and inside of Components (just click mesh, drag to find best spot), only seems to affect the idle/walk and jump animations.
I have implemented a crawling animation now, but my character is far off the ground, meaning he can’t crawl inside of areas I want him to.

All animations, including idle/walk show up as being above the ground inside of the Character’s Skeletal Mesh inside of the Animation editor for the character.

I’m sure there is something simple here we are missing…hmmmmmmmm

Yeah have you noticed that the blue character that comes with the Unreal Engine 4 templates is also floating off of the ground in Persona? This could possibly mean that we’re either overlooking something or maybe need to make some adjustments in the level blueprint editor. I agree with you Otreum it probably is something simple we’re missing or overlooking. Man wouldn’t that be a trip lol.

I’m still having the issue despite trying several ways to get around it. I’m not entirely sure why it is happening.

Has anybody worked out what the problem is? Is it on our end? Or is it just an import issue with UE4?

Have you check the collision of the ground object?

Another though it’s not really the player that is colliding with the ground but the player collision mesh. If it’s below the ground plane in components I would think that would cause your player to float.

Try unchecking “Show Floor” for the skeletal mesh. Sometimes the bounds of the mesh make it look like it’s floating when it really isn’t.

Three years later. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually a common problem is the physics asset. You need to double click the physics asset and scale/move the bodies so they line up with the feet. It might also be a good idea to replace the capsules for the feet with boxes. The capsule component in the BP should line up with the feet too. Then put the character in the world and see if it floats, which it shouldn’t anymore.

The physics asset… Thank you so much!