Why is my character falling through my landscape?

The collision between my character and the landscape worked fine before, but now whenever I press play it just falls through the landscape. However the collision works fine if I create a new landscape.

Another problem that has started at the same time as the collision is not being able to use the End key to drop objects to the old landscape.

Does anyone know if there is a way to fix the collision with the old landscape?

EDIT: It seems that the collision issue is only happening with a few segments of the landscape. I have also noticed that the paint tool doesn’t work on the broken area of the landscape, and instead just gets stuck at the boundary between segments.

Hey Satheon,

We’ve had some collision issues with landscapes in previous versions, but those should have been fixed in 4.3. Which version of the editor are you using? Is this landscape one that was created in an earlier version of the editor? And pardon my ignorance, but what do you mean about using the End key in regards to landscapes? Thanks!

Hey Ben,

I’m using 4.3 and I started this project in the same version, what I mean by using the End key is to snap a static mesh or BSP object to the landscape, instead of having to manually align them with the ground.

I have fixed the collision issue that I had earlier with the landscape by using the “Change Component Size” tool in the landscape editor and assigning it the same values that the landscape had already, this caused a strange effect where the broken landscape component turned white but I was able to sculpt the landscape again, so it fixed half the problem. After I restarted the editor the landscape corrected itself and the collision issue was fixed.

Hopefully this solution will be useful to anyone else that might be having the same problem.


I am using 4.7.2 and just ran into this problem. I didn’t change any settings anywhere but I had been editing my landscape when it started happening. I couldn’t figure it out so I came here and found this post… after I changed the component size from 256 x 256 to 127 x 127, the collision started working again.

I just thought I’d let you know there is still some sort of issue.

Best regards.

drag up your player controller above the land