Why is my Chaos Vehicle sliding that much? Despite high friction values

As the title says.

I have setup a Chaos Vehicle (C++) with a custom mesh. I have no issues with physics (collision seems ok, wheels are colliding, etc.).

These are the Wheel BPs (UE5):

To test the driving behaviour, I use a plain landscape.

No matter how I change the friction values in the chaos wheel blueprint, my vehicle is very slippery in UE5.

In UE4 I use the same friction values for the wheels and in I can make sharp turns even with speeds > 100 km/h without sliding. I didn’t even had to add a physical material to increase friction.

These are the Wheel BPs (UE4)

What did I miss? I know that UE5 is still early access, but then maybe I should submit a bug report on this?

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Any luck? Dealing with the same problem here.
I wonder if the wheels are micro-bouncing or something when the car is very fast, maybe coming off the ground for a few milliseconds and losing contact but it looks like slipping?

Nope, not yet. I switched back to 4.27chaos, as the behaviour of the chaos vehicles seems a lot more stable. I’ll wait for the official Ue5 release and hope that in this build it will be at least at the same level as its on 4.27chaos.

What you say makes sense and could be possible, but honestly I didn’t dig down further on the problem. If it’s crucial for you to use UE5, stay with it and maybe try to work on other parts. But if not, I suggest to stick to UE4 and make the switch (if its fixed) after the release. I read on reddit that UE5 should be released in spring 2022.

cheers mate

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Did you add a Physics Material to the ground? I put 0.7 for asphalt.
You might also want to change the downforce value so it presses you more on the ground the faster you go.

in the chaos vehicle wheel actor (the wheel/s actore not car) open it scroll to Lateral slip graph and set minimum one point and set the time value 0 and value like 50 the higher the value the more friction on ground you can play arround with the time and value ,depent how real must be bud if you only need more grip use time 0 have fun sry my bad english

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the lateral slip from wheel is friction for the rubber
the material physics value for the meshes it feels more real to work with lateral slip peace!

change friction force to 4 for both front and back
and Front side slip multiplier 0.7
back side slip multiplier 0.3

good luck

Now with the release of UE5, it seems much more stable (its not sliding anymore). Also, changing the friction values on the tires BP has the expected behaviour on driving/steering.

The problem I guess was the unfinished implementstion of the chaos vehicle in the early access release.

Thank you all for your help!
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Hi Guys! for those who would still have this kind of issue with no solution, check if you’re not using to many Event Ticks! That was my case… Since I was using too many “event tick” the physic calculation between wheels and contact floor was weird and partial, the result was a lack of Friction… After changing the way to make my Event tick in a parent class, I resolved my issue ^^ the Cars are now gripping and drifting as expected :wink:

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