Why is my cave not completly dark?


I have a huge Cave. It should be dark but since its only a part of a Level i need a directional light. How can i get my cave dark? Also I cant use the auto exposure in the Post Process because its a VR Game and the hole PP is disabled. Any suggestions would be very nice.


Turn on cast shadows for cave mesh. Also this is very unoptimal to create huge static meshes like this. Everything will be fine as long as you do not use dynamic light, but if you do more then 4 in this level FPS will tank.
Second problem i see here is collision, you may get collision glitches because that cave is single (inverted) surface.

So you have choice to make set of small meshes, then world coordinate material (to make texture seamless). Or battle all those shadows, dynamic lights and weird collision bugs later. Just a warning.

Ps watch videos about creating “the solus project” there are lots of good tips about making cool caves.
PPS. you also can split this huge mesh into sections, add UCX collision meshes, and make it cast shadows. But imo its more work and worse effect compared to solus workflow.

Thank you for that comprehencive aswer. :slight_smile:

I cant find how to make this world coordinate material you mentioned, could you give me a hint where to look?

I think what he meant is that inside your material you use the world coordinate node.