Why is my CAT import failing with multiple roots and duplicate bone name errors?


I cant import my character rigged with CAT rig to UE4. It complains on the import about “multiple roots” and “duplicate bone names”.

Select the root pelvis. Then select all meshes, and export to fbx. Unreal and max does the rest for you. It might complain, but it works. You should rename all bones anyway.

does this work in blender? Im having the same multiple roots problem :frowning: help.

I have encountered the same problem, and i finally have a fix to it:

  1. you’d better delete all the control gizmos only leave the cat bones
  2. link all your props such as swords , guns to your CAT pelvis bone, so that the pelvis bone is the root in the hierachy
  3. skin the props above to the corresponding bone like the hand bone
  4. select all of your geo and all the cat bones (except the two foot IK platfroms and the CAT base object: the triangle thing)and export, it will work just fine, i have tested it, it finally worked.

Thank You