Why is my camera tilted when I'm idle and running around?

It has probably something to do with your timers. I would debug the CameraTick and see if the Wallrun left/right really gets disabled (set to false). You can add “Debug-Stop-Nodes” by clicking on a node and press F9. Code then stops at that node and you can check whats going on at that frame/moment. (Hover over variables to see what they are set to and so on…)

Whenever I am idle my camera leans to the right. I’m not sure if it’s my gravity or my camera tilt blueprints themselves.

Please explain little more about detailed for your problem.

What is Actual, what is Expected

Whenever I walk around or stand still the camera lans to the right 15 degrees. I want to know if it’s my gravity or my camera tilt blueprints. What I expect is for the camera to be back at the regular 0 degrees.