Why is my camera not fading to black when it crosses a trigger box?

Is the Matinee actor set to Play on Level Load in it’s Details panel?

The tutorials I followed are pretty much text-book, but my camera doesn’t fade out for a reason.

I created a director track and a fade track. The fade track is set from 0 to 1 in 3 seconds. The camera is set to a single position and appears in the game when I cross a triggered box I placed. But the fade out doesn’t work. I later experimented with camera movement and such and it all worked. I don’t know what is so special with that track.

Any hint ?


No. And it is set to Rewind on Play so I see it run again and again each time I cross my trigger box.

Ok, can you show me how you set it all up in the Blueprint? Also just to be sure, you are testing it in game, right?

Wow! I found it. Now, tell me if this sounds right to you: Fade out only works if you have mobile HDR turned on. I always take it off with Top-Down templates, because the light reflects like crazy. After posting my question, I’ve created a few new bogus projects with matinee and they all worked. I was wondering why would it fail on this week-old project.

HDR must be turned on for fades.