Why is my blueprint showing placeholder marks?

My blueprint gets messed up with placeholder marks which is really really annoying…!!
So everytime i open my blueprint i have to go through it and fix it.

It happens in a clean 4.9.2 project and i guess it crashed one time before that happened but im not sure

why does that happen? is that new in 4.9?

i never had that before!

Hi ,

I’m confused as to what you mean by “placeholder marks”. What specifically are you referring to?

Can you show me a screenshot of what you are seeing so I have a better idea of what you mean and what the error could be related to?

Hi …

The thing is, everything is messed up and the most annoying thing is:
i have to recreate those nodes everytime the project get launched!

i love the new features of 4.9.2 and i know you guys do a great job with much effort but in my experience 4.9 is also the biggest mess since 4.6 (i guess it was 4.6).

so when a new engine version is released, im happy as frightened at the same time… (what problems will be next coming up). in my personal opinion and experience i would love to have engine releases much more stable before they go public as a binary launcher engine version release instead of releasing them as fast as possible.
so im trying to avoid the upgrades but the cool coming up features and performance improvements make the decision not easy!
the last 3 decisions to move the project to the latest released engine version had the result to completly recreate the project up from scratch and copy the assets into it.

Did you move or rename the actor that you are referencing with this spawn class? Try fixing up redirectors in your content browser, does this cause the errors to be removed or are they still present? What was the last thing you altered before these errors started occurring?

hi ,
no i didn’t move or change anything.
fixing redirectors did not help, i first thought that, but still having this error and this time its not working!

Hi ,

I did some digging and found that this is a known issue and is listed in our system as UE-21098. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be implemented at this moment.

oh no please dont tell me that, we have a short timeline left, what can we do? this avoids us working on it as it blocks the whole development and testing! why is this so frustrating, it feels like wasting all the time we had by digging through all the bugs

There isn’t much more information I can give you at present. I have edited the bug report to show that more developers are experiencing this error. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that its priority will be increased, but it does help to show that multiple developers are seeing the same error.
Edit: We have found that this error may be due to cyclic dependencies between blueprints. If you have any cyclic dependencies within your blueprint scripts, resolving these may help to resolve the errors you are seeing, though we cannot say for certain.

same problem in UE 4.10. is it not fixed yet?

Hi vctr,

This bug is still under assessment. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be implemented.

Just to confirm this Bug can occur when:
(1) the computer/UE4 crashes when compiling a BP; (2) after renaming / moving BP/Assets.

Fixing redirections does not help at all.

This problem is indeed very painful. I had one project without versioning (svn/git), and I basically had to rewrite from scratch several BP to make it work again. To my knowledge, there is no easy fix to that problem, at least on a user-end.

My advise would be to always use SVN on UE4 and when this Bug happends, to revert back to a proper version.

HI ,

UE-21098 was fixed in 4.11. Are you still experiencing this error? If so, what steps can I take to reproduce the error on my end?