Why is my blueprint not the same in my level?

Sorry i’m new to UE and I am trying to make a pawn with a spring arm camera behind it. In blueprint editor I adjust it all and it all looks right so I compile save and then go back to my level and drag and drop it in. But in the actual level it looks different and the spring arm isn’t working. The camera is inside of the pawn. What is going on?

Could you show the component hierarchy of that actor?

Without that there’s little chance anyone can guess what goes wrong there.

Yeah sorry about that still trying to figure this out lol. This should have the hierarchy along with blueprint viewport game viewport and player view. Thank you!

Go to your Blueprint, select your SpringArm and on the right disable CollisionTest. That behaviour occurs when there is not enough space for your SpringArm or your pawn is in an object (like moving the pawn into the ground when CollisionTest is activated)

That worked thank you!