Why is my AI walking in place?

So i’m extremely new to using UE4. I’ve been following a book to learn how to use UE4 and have been learning at a really quick pace until now. The issue that I’m stuck on is that the book uses a slightly older version of UE and wants me to use GetRandomPointinRadius to move an AI from origin to a random location. I’ve replaced it with GetRandomReachablePointInRadius but the AI just walks in place. I’ve recreated this same issue over and over. I’ve narrowed the problem down to this: GetRandomReachablePointinRadius is constantly returning the origin location.

PickTargetLocation Event Graph:

The below SS should help to explain what i mean.(Note that the AI location is the same as the TargetLocation in the BT)

BT Target Location Value:

AI Location:

My question is this: why isn’t it returning a random location and instead just returning the AI location as target location?

I realize that this is a really basic question and ridiculously simple, but i’m the type of person that will dwell until its resolved. I’ve spent almost 2 days scouring the web and playing with settings to try and resolve the issue. I think I’ve only ever posted in forums for help with anything maybe 2 times in my life, so doing this is something I’m not used to.

Any kind of help would be so valuable so I can move on from this… It’s driving me crazy, haha.

Alright. So the problem was using that I was using the Scale tool by pressing R when I had the NavMesh selected. Apparently the editor doesn’t recognize that the NavMesh is actually any larger than the original box that is dropped. When i went to the Scale under the details tab and changed the value there, it actually worked and my AI is now moving around the Navigable Area. Please let me know if i should report this as a bug?