Why is my AI still moving?

Hey guys
I got a sequence under it i got a task that runs on when a actor is set, and then i got a if the target is not set, which is moving to last location of the actor. It does not simply stop following the actor even tough there is no actor set?

Im currently not using a nav mesh either, because its a fish and supposed to swim around.

Well this is the problem as well, look at the first picture on the far right, i have connected two finish and fail, but when it comes to the actor, it stops working, if it see the player for a second time after it has completed, it will not execute the move action. Only the first time, if you get out of sight the first time, it doesnt care it keeps following the player even tough the target variable is cleared. Acceptance radius wont do a difference, tried it anyway!

bumping as no solution found

May be obvious, but worth a shot; have you added a Finish Execute node, and also, have you tried increasing the acceptance radius?