Why is left click rotating the mouse left & right?

In my input settings I have turn set to Mouse X, is there anyway to associate that with the right click only?

For some reason the left mouse click also controls rotation when held down.


For now I’ve worked around it with a boolean.

I just found out that axis inputs continuously fire even when no buttons are pressed. Is this normal behavior? If so, what is the best way to control the flow? Booleans?

Axis gives you the value of mapped axis on every frame as far as I know. You need to control the flow using boolean that toggles on/off with button press or using Gate node that opens and closes on the mouse press & release. Basically same thing as boolean control but it’s an alternative way. You can use custom events to control the gate open/closed state or just plug in the pressed/released events of the mouse button directly to gate open/close.

Got it, thanks.

They are supposed to continually fire. Mouse X is moving the mouse left & right, so what do you mean associate it with right click only? Also, the value that comes from the event will be 0 if nothing is pressed, so you don’t HAVE to control it with a Boolean.

I get it. Mouse X is moving left and right. Mouse Y is moving up and down. Doesn’t matter what is pressed. It’s up to me to decide what keys/buttons controls what.