Why is launch character and Add impulse only affecting Z axis?

I’m trying to make a hit state for something like a flying kick, where the victim needs to fly back several feet.

So far with the setup I have, the enemy is entering the hit state and playing their falling animations just fine, but the only flying movement I’m getting is on the Z axis. I don’t understand why they are not flying back, when I have that information plugged in.

I tried the launch character node, and the add impulse node, both are giving the same result, only moving on the Z axis.

Any ideas?

Have you tried printing the values of GetForwardVector, GetUpVector and the sum of those? Can you share those print results as well? Or if your project is on github, can I hook into it and see?

Thanks, the print out is giving me different values on all three axes depending on where the character is located.

I bet it’s something really simple, I just haven’t found it.

I’ll keep trying to fix it for a while, and maybe I’ll have to put it on GitHub.

Okay I figured it out, I had Root motion enabled in the animations.

For some reason, I can’t add impulse to an animation with Root motion enabled, It’s causing a problem with blending.

I had to turn the Transition duration to 0.0, for the launch to work if activated during another hit state that is using Root motion.

What can you do if you’re not using bones? I have the same issue, but I’m just using a 2D Sidescroller character with just a capsule collider and a sprite.