Why is it that the editor preferences aren't saved when updating projects to a new ue version?

since ever… every time i update any of my projects, i have to re-set all of the settings in Editor Preferences… Why ?

And you probably cant simply copy-paste the old settings file, bcs the new ue version might have new options…

Is there a particular reason for not transferring the editor preferences after project version updates?

Any way around this? What do you do?

actually some of the preferences are actually transferred… but many of them (including basic ones) are not… (especially favorite nodes…) REALLY makes no sense!

Backing up INI’s in the engine and project folders is key.
Because loss of settings can happen after an OS crash.
But what if INI formats have changed? Use a text diff tool…

Sometimes things won’t save even relaunching in the current version. It’s always been buggy for me.

You are refering to this Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-62044)? I did do a PR that resolves the issue however Epic can’t handle the fallout from it, see . It would need to be done this way or they would have to code a new way to handle backwards compatibility from settings INI files which would cause more code changes and be a cause for a lot more issues down the line (in my opinion).

Here are some of the Editor Preferences that never get transferred when updating any ue projects:

General → Appearance
General → Loading & Saving
Level Editor → Play
Content Editors → Blueprint Editor
Content Editors → Widget Designer

Certain about these, unsure about the rest, but it does seem that a very small amount of prefs are indeed transferred to the new version. (5% or smth)

Additionally when updating a project to a new ue version you also get all your Favorite Blueprint Nodes deleted & any Color Picker themes deleted.

So many years now I’ve kept quiet about this… but I’m sick of this bs at this point. There is no excuse.

This needs to be fixed!