Why is it taking so long to launch my game on a mobile device?

Hello guys.

I m working on a mobile game since 1 year now and it s really close to be finished. The game is gold and ready to be released but I have a big issue.

After building the game (ios and android) and installing it on devices (mine is a sony xperia z3 but it was tested on a lot of device), I click on the game’s icon to launch it and the loading between this moment and the map loaded is really long, by really long I mean 17 seconds on my sony xperia z3. It can be a lot longer on older devices (samsung galaxy tab 2 took 1 minute + to load).

So our game will be fully free with no advertising so we could launch it with that issue. But I really want to improve that and understand why is this happening.

Our game includes an interface so we have something like 300 textures, same for the materials, some FX, musics, etc. But the first map I launch when the game starts is really small with 1 actor including only a few textures. So I don t really understand why my splashscreen stay like that during 17 seconds just to load 1 actor. This first map has a lot of sub levels but no one is loaded at start.

Is the game loading all the content browser before launching? Do you know any tips or tricks to reduce this launch time? I already read everything about optimizing for mobile. I think I have something good. Is there any way I can obtain a log file with everything happening during the splashscreen?

Anyway if someone already faced a similar issue I ll be glad to have some help with it :-). Our game is 100% blueprint, and we are facing some memory issue on IOS. As additionnal information this loading is shorter when I use the deploy system of UE4 (still 8 seconds, but far from the 17 seconds with a build).

I ll be glad to give as much informations as needed to receive some help :-).
Thanks for reading.


these are some tricks to make it faster:

go to project settingpackaging

1- unckeck full rebuild.

2- check cook only maps.

3-from list of maps to include in a package build add all your maps