Why is it so slow? Tree can't be load in editor for 1 hour, this normal?

Hello dear Developers and Community,

I was try to learn Unreal Engine.
Geometry and materials manipulations I can do, but this take some time before each new object or material will be loaded.
Landscape creating is quickly. Landscape texturing and adding grass work is good.

But when I was try to open demo scene with Nature starter pack demo - this was doing more that 1 hour. And I don’t have to see result of it. I close it.
I was try to load only one tree - but it was loaded more that 1 hour and this process has no result.

My hardware is: Intel Duo Quad, 4Gb DDR2, nvidia GTX650

What it the problem?

Well on initial open of a new project you’ll have to compile a bunch of materials and other things, this can take some time depending on the project for a quick computer. You, I’m afraid, are on the low end of hardware and well below the recommended minimum hardware.

Thank you for your reply

You think, I have not enough Memory?

As Koderz mentioned you are on the low end of the hardware spectrum. Try to get to a quad core processor, with 16GB of memory, and at least a Nvidia 750GTX as quick as you can. If you need to be the euipment a piece at a time to do the upgrades. Then do the memory upgrade first, followed by the video card, then the processor.

Now one thing you can do, so that you don’t have to load that whole nature pack, because you want only one tree. is to copy over the content you want manually, from one project to another, just maintain the same directory structure, within the content folder, in the target project as existed in the source project. This way you can pick and choose what your going to be spending time on.


The biggest problem for your loading speed is probably CPU and memory. Basically you probably need both more and faster ram DDR3 at least. Like jayice said below, you can do a part at a time, but your problem is going to be upgrading ram will require an upgrade to Mobo/CPU since you’re still on DDR2.

Big thank you.

I have quad core processor, but it maybe so low that required.

Concentrate on memory first. When you go to do a build… You will be happy to see that you have plenty of memory. Also when you are not using the UE4 Launcher? Close it, it sits there silently consuming resources, just watch it in the task manager and you will see what i’m saying.

If you can do it, but it’s going to take some changes, New Motherboard, that supports DDR4 memory, 16GB of memory, and a new processor, something like the AMD 4Ghz 8 Core processor.

Hope this helps.


I was think about similar new PC configuration. But it’s only in future.
Thank you.

You can get by with what you have. Just kill all programs you don’t need. That includes the UE4 launcher. and do that copying around on your own of resources, you may have to chase down some broken links, etc, but that’s a lot faster than having to wait an hour for something to load.


Of course, partially changings for me will be not resulting.
I need only full hardware changing.
Thank you.

I cry. CryEngine can do all it more fast. But I like Unreal, don’t know why.

I have similat problems. I have 6Gb DDR2, Intel core2Quad, Geforce 650GTX. I think that GTX 750 not more speedy that 650. Better will be GTX950. And of course 8 core processor and 16Gb memory. I agree it will be more good.

Maybe EU4 have options for disable full shading in editor? It’ll be a long time before it is at least pre-compile the game. And to work in the editor always with 100% elaboration of the Shader is not so important.

Yes. I will be happy to find this options too. Because I can’t upgrade my hardware in near future. Write me, if you can find it.