Why is it so hard to delete your account on here or change your email?

I already looked it up and all I could find was a point part of a FAQ page saying “contact us” but had no direction on who to contact so I thought I’d post here and maybe catch someone’s attention. This should be a lot easier and there should be a process in place for doing so that is made explicit with out having to jump through a lot of hoops. I say this is in general for anyone wanting to do this.

(I’d also like my account deleted by the way, so if someone could do so I’d appreciate it. Thanks!)

bump. C’mon guys. Give me a break. I know you’re probably busy but I’d really like at least a response.

How is this suppose to be helpful? This is the FAQ page I’m referring to. It just says “Contact Us” but doesn’t say if it’s on here or some sort of specific email.

Bump. Hello, really don’t want to keep being annoying but I feel like I’m being ignored here.

Sorry if you’re feeling ignored. If you’re wishing to delete your account Customer service will have to help you there is no automated way to do that.

It’s ok, I understand you guys are busy people. What’s the best avenue for contacting Customer Service? Is there a specific email? Thanks!

Unless something recently changed I am not aware of, you should be able to get help with account issues by emailing:


Hope you are able to get it resolved.

Ah ok thanks! I’ll try that out.

Nope didn’t work, got a reply back saying something along the lines of “This email account isn’t monitored” then sent to the same “help” faq page which the most relevant thing just redirects towards Fortnite related things.

It’s ok, it’s not a big deal it’s just something I’d like to have done. What’s the best way of contacting “Customer Service”?

I will continue bumping until this is resolved. Very tempted to call your offices repeatedly or something.

Amanda seems to enjoy ignoring people, will Chance be the same way?

If this isn’t resolved by monday I’m going to start calling your offices.

Have you submitted a ticket yet? Please use this form:

I’ve already done that but I’ll do it again. The email I use to sign in here is no longer an email I can access. What should I put in for the email field? My current one I can use to receive a reply or the one connected to my account? I have not received a reply back since last time I submitted it.

It’s also just asking about “fortnite gamemode” this isn’t even a fortnite related issue, where is the thinking behind this? Why not just have a general Epic Game contact form.

If you already have a case # provide me that and I’ll send it over. Or once you get one, let me know. If you need to put something in for Fortnite, just put anything, it won’t matter.

Ok cool, thanks! Yeah I think when I submitted it the first time I put the email to my account (the one that doesn’t exist anymore) into the email field. But I did get an email back this time.

Case ID: 4286859

bumping yet again

I have passed your case # over to CS and asked them to look further into it.

Good morning Earl,
I’ve been in touch with our CS team. I’m going to send you a PM in the forums regarding this issue.