Why is it so difficult to clamp a camera??

Hi everyone.
I’m a newbie with EU4 and I’m not a computer scientist but I let myself be seduced by the apparent easiness of the blueprint system.
I say “apparent”, because I spent five hours to try to find a solution to my problem! But no way…

My situation is as follow:
As part of an architectural test, I have two cameras in my bp_MyCharacter. The first is a FPS view, while the 2nd is a RTS view.
I can switch to one another with a keyboard key.
But I’d like the RTS camera has a reduced amplitude of Yaw and Pitch angles.

I have read many post about it, with several differents methods, but none works for me (at least, I can’t make them work!).

Everything I’ve seen in the forums is to create a bp “PlayerCameraManager” type, in which it’s possible to enter values ​​to adjust the amplitudes of the camera. But could I continue to switch between my cameras in the same level easily?

I am lost, I have full head, I saturate and I ask your help.

Best regards,