Why is Fortnite So Successful?

Besides its obvious awesome execution and presentation. Is it the PVP?

Lots and lots of cash put into the marketing early on by Epic.

Because it’s free.
Because it was released at the right time.
​​​​​​Because it was the only polished Battle Royale and was not buggy.
Because it’s cross platform.
Because of the monetization being generous.
Because it was engaging to watch and play.
Because the Minecraft generation loves building.
​​​​​Because everyone could play and it was so easy to jump in.

Because es low ESRB/Pegi (12)
Because is done with Unreal
Because is a shooter:

Because PUBG is pay to play + buggy.

I don’t like shooters and I don’t like competitive games, so I am glad this genre is bringing money to Epic (because obvious). I didn’t even bother to try, even being free, so it goes beyond my mind, thou I sort of agree with most of the points people said above.

Popular / the cool thing.

Much like CS back in the day.

Great points! I was expecting a thorough detailed discussion to gain insight on the secret formula of success. I did not expect you guys to answer the riddle in a couple answers. LOL.

They maked it perfect. They send it to USK with the gamemode “save the world” and got a low USK. After that they put BR into it.

  1. graphics r so cool.
  2. interactivity
  3. cross platform