Why is Find References so useless?

When right clicking a node in a blueprint, there is an option in the context menu called Find References, which presumably is to find all other references to that object in question, whether it is a variable, function, event, etc… This is great in theory except it has a huge flaw that makes it pretty much useless. It only searches for references within the current blueprint!!! What good is that?

For example, say you have a custom event in your blueprint and you want to know all places in the project that it is being referenced (called) in other blueprints… you can’t? Using Find References turns up nothing. In my case I know for a fact I’m calling a particular custom event from several other blueprints, but trying to track down all those locations is painful and error prone (i.e. easy to miss one).

Am I missing something here or is there better way to do what I’m asking?

There’s a tick box in the search results window to repeat the search in all Blueprints.

Unfortunately, the tick box always resets to “current blueprint only” for each new search.