Why is everything black and white when i'm not in game mode?

i have been having this problem for about 3 days now, when i go into game mode all of color comes back but i cant edit because its in game mode, but when game mode is off i can edit and put materials on things but every thing stays in dull colors, this happens on all of my worlds and even new ones that i create, its extremely annoying so can you please fix this or i think i might need to stop using this software, there is probably something very obvious that i did wrong or accidentally clicked because i have only had UDK for about a weeks. i hope that you can help me figure out what is wrong something also suspichus is that brush is still same color this is basicly like it is stuck on unlit or some other mode but im not really shore, this is most probulay a lighting glitch, i have look everywere online and there is nobody else who seems to have same problem, you are my last hope of trying to get this fixed i will attach a picture of what it looks like hope you can help, thanx

If you are using UDK(Unreal Development Kit) then ask this in UDK forums please.

If you are using UE4 post some screenshots of your problem and tell us about your system specs.

Sounds like he’s working in unlit mode

Hey GingaNinja,

If you are still experiencing this issue and you are in fact using UE4 and not UDK, please post some screenshots so we can help narrow down cause of problem. I am marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes, but it will be reopened if you comment on it. Thanks!