why is epic games soo lagy

Sorry wrong tags itd to the point: i have i7 7th generation 16gb ram directx12 and itel grafic card / maybe nivida one idk i have big mish mash in my laptop i played some games like the sims 4 to see but sims 4 went fast no laggs when i open unreal engine / fortnite i got extreme lags… but at task menager nothing is at 100%

Minimum Specs for UE5 (it can run on less, but you’ll get the lags) are:

CPU: 12-core CPU at 3.4GHz
RAM: 32GB RAM (editor)
GPU: Nvidia GTX1080/AMD RX Vega 64 or higher with 8GB VRAM

A 7th gen CPU will not have 12 cores and it probably won’t be a powerful gfx card in there.

If you’re serious about using UE5 it may pay to look at other machines you can use.

32 gb ram why when my use of it is 50% max really i played better games with better grafics and no lag some one need to lear how to make more optimization ,
ok i get it my procesor isn’t the best and i will change it but its very good computer

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Your CPU is fine, it’s the GPU.

yep i have intergeted grafic intel but i didn’t have drivers i used offical intel tool and now no lags in games and editor

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